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Calculators, Downloads & Links

Sproket Ratio Chart

Want to know what ratio 2 sproket sizes make?
We have the answer!

Tube Size vs Strength

Opting for thicker wall tube in the hopes of gaining greater strength is rarely a worthwhile pursuit. Usually, the major rise seen is in the weight of the structure rather than the strength of it.

Wire and Sheet Metal Gauge Equivalents

Wire and Sheet Metal Guage Equivalents

Useful Converters

Length, weight, volume, temperature, torque, power, velocity and fuel consumption converters.

Rorty Speed Calculator

Trying to figure out how fast you'll be going with different gearing or tyre sizes? Here's a little tool to help.

Tube Bend Calculator

A simple tool to make calculating the tube needed for those bends a little easier.

Useful Links

Whether you live in Outer Mongolia, The Outer Hebrides, or the good ol' US of A, you'll find the following suppliers will gladly help you select your products and ship them to you. Check them all out and find the deal that suits you.

Tube Miter Program by Giles Puckett


A tube mitering program for Windows to print on any printer. This program deals in metric units.

AN & NPT Thread Sizes Chart

A simple chart of common AN and NPT thread and tube/pipe sizes.

Holes and Counterbore Sizes

A table of hole (close and normal), counterbore, countersink and tapping drill sizes for socket head cap screws in both imperial and metric sizes.

Fox Air Shocks

Air Shock Setup and Tuning Spreadsheet

Not sure where to start with tuning your air shocks?  This spreadsheet calculator might help!