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Whether you live in Outer Mongolia, The Outer Hebrides, or the good ol’ US of A, you’ll find the following suppliers will gladly help you select your products and ship them to you. Check them all out and find the deal that suits you.

We haven’t necessarily used all of these contacts myself, but we have seen their products and were impressed.

If you know of a link that you think should be listed on this page, please email us.

Air Filters

Speed Partz
Suppliers of Kinser air filter kits for the most popular streetbike engines.



SAW are renowned for their custom axles and RaceRunner shocks. They are a good source for shock straps too.


Overhead coolant radiators, oil coolers and accessories.

Radiators, oil coolers and accessories.

Speed Partz
Suppliers of FOZ stock and custom aluminium radiators

Think Automotive
These are the people who started all the aftermarket cooling system products.


Shafts, sprockets and taper lock bushes for the R6 cassette:

Martin Sprockets
Sprockets and taper lock bushings for the R6 cassette.

Electrical And Wiring

Makers of a very nice chronometric digital dash system.

Alterpower sell a gizmo for temporarily disconnecting the alternator and releasing more power from your engine.

Special vehicle electronics.

Davies Craig
Their latest product is a beautiful little electric water pump, designed specifically for bike motors and the like.
A thermostat/control box is also available.

Del City
These people have a huge catalogue of electrical goodies.

Electrical Terminal Service
Purveyors of every imaginable electrical switch, terminal, wire, insulating tape, Liquid Tape and connector for wiring your buggy.

Cable, connectors etc.

This bloke was one of the first to bring out an electronic power shifter. It’s also the biggest and heaviest.
I used one when they first came out, and they do work.

MDS Batteries
Sealed racing batteries and batteries for absolutely everything else!

Odyssey Batteries 
Excellent dry cell racing batteries.

Painless Performance Products 
Everything you’ll need to wire your buggy, and a good selection of reference books too.

Premier Wiring
Another single source for all your wiring needs.

More electrickery to choose from. They make the most compact power shifter I’ve seen.

Trans Logic
These guys make a natty little dash mounted Gear Display Unit, which is connected to the gear shifter via a compact transducer.
They also have electric shifters and speed shifters too.

Vehicle Wiring products
There’s everything here from cable to switches to lights.

Remark Industries
Makers of the IntelliDash digital instrumentation panel, which has been featured in Sand Sports magazine. It’s probably the best, fully independent and compact dash out there, specifically designed for buggies etc. 
There are a huge number of features.

Engine Parts

Silly amounts of power for most of the big Jap motors. They have really nice items like  stroker cranks, billet rods and clutches.

More obscene amounts of power from Suzuki’s flagship motor.

I think these blokes have fallen off without their helmets a few too many times. Try 1870cc kits and very tasty close ratio boxes for the “Abuser” motor.
Richard will also sell you a good jet and air filter upgrade kit for most engines.


Zorstec produce what must be about the smartest custom exhaust systems anywhere.
Check out their photo gallery for pictures of sheer art work. 


Doug Heim
Doug offers a wide range of machining and sheet metal services for buggy builders.


Dzus Fasteners
Dzus are world famous for their ¼ turn quick release fasteners.
There are many different types, and suitable for attaching body panels, bulkheads etc.

Maryland metrics
Wake up America! Everyone else has gone metric.
With Maryland Metrics’ encompassing range of products, there’s no excuse now.

Smith Fastener Inc
Another good source for metric fasteners in the US


General Parts

Demon Tweeks
DT are world renowned for their huge range of race gear.

Europa Specialist Spares
Every conceivable part for car builders.

Frost’s have tons of useful and unusual hard to find tools and products.

GMP Racing Products
Racewear, brakes, harnesses etc.

Jaz Products
Fuel cells, “Poly” seats, roll bar padding etc.

Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies
Pegasus have all the small fiddly parts you struggle to find elsewhere. 
Ask for one of their excellent free catalogues.

Racing Stuff
Another one-stop shop for all your racing needs.

Speed Partz
Primarily suppliers of mini sprint parts, they have plenty of useful stuff for buggy nuts too.


Marc Salvisberg knows CV carburetors!
He is outspoken and very helpful on the topic, and has this great carb tuning page on his site.
Marc also has excellent jet and filter kits for most bikes.


Metal Express gives you unparalleled small-quantity metal purchasing power—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your office or home, on your schedule.”……….says it all really!

Metal Supermarkets


Off Road Parts

Chirco Performance
A really good source for racks and other off-road parts for your Rorty buggy, and Don is extremely helpful too.

Dan’s Performance Parts
More good off-road stuff, but lousy communication.

De Nunzio Racing Products 
De Nunzio carry a good range of off-road gear, including steering racksand shocks.

Moore Parts
A huge inventory of good off-road parts.


Crow Enterprizes Inc.
Crow make a full range of safety harnesses and shock straps.

Deist offer harnesses, shock straps, window nets, neck braces and fire retardant suits.

Safety Devices
Harnesses and Confor roll bar padding.

Shifter Cables

With all the cable examples below, “L” is the length of the cable from the hole in the shifter, to the hole in the gearbox lever less 22mm (the effective length of two quick release ball joint ends).
America. Order 1 cable, part #: 173-5-LTT-2-L. Order 2 QR ends part#:175-403-005. 
Australia. Order 1 cable, part#: MD-10-2-BB-L. Order 2 QR ends part#:2406378.
UK. Order 1 cable, part#: Series 3-2″-XX-1/4UNF-HC-L. Order 2 of theirQR ends.

Shock Absorbers

Chirco Performance
A really good source for shocks and other off-road parts for your Rorty buggy, and Donnie’s really helpful too.

Dan’s Performance Parts
More good shocks and off-road stuff from the ever helpful Dan.

SAW are renowned for their custom axles and RaceRunner shocks.
They are a good source for shock straps too.

Other Interesting Sites

Yellow Dog Racing
This is undoubtedly the best U.S. site for bike, Odyssey and snowmobile powered buggies. Richard must have about half a dozen alter egos. Not only does he race and work on two buggies, he flies R.C. helicopters, rides motocross, presumably works, and then finds time to maintain a full-on website. I’ve still never had a Christmas card from him though!

Home of the DIY Bullfrog Off-Road Fun Kart.

York Autograss Club 
There are a huge number of Autograss clubs around the U.K., with about 5000 members nationally. 
Of special interest to bike motor nuts, are the Specials, some with ZX11, Blackbird and GSX1100R motors. Some even have twin motors!
These grassers are awesome performers (though real ugly ducklings!). Check out their video clips in “Thrills and spills”.

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