Tube Miter Program by Giles Puckett


A tube mitering program for Windows to print on any printer. This program deals in metric units.

File/Settings… puts up a dialog box. You input:

  • Diameter (in mm) of tube being mitered
  • The wall thickness of this tube
  • The second tube diameter (the one it abuts up to)
  • The included angle in degrees.

It paints the picture on the window, and File/Print… prints it on any connected printer.

There are two curves – the dotted one is the template you would cut if the wall thickness were zero and the solid curve is the template corresponding to the requested wall thickness.

If the mitered tube diameter is greater than the second diameter, then the second tube passes through two holes in the mitered tube. This situation is handled by continuing the template on the other side. Small gaps may appear in the curves; this is a known “feature” of the way the program works.

Giles Puckett


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