To Diff or Not to Diff


It's a topic with no clear answer and it largely depends on personal preference and how you use your vehicle.

For road cars, a diff is pretty much a must and an LSD is a great option. I have auto torque biasing (or Torsen) ones in a couple of cars and a Detroit locker in another 4WD.
For lightweight, chain drive, off-road, 2WD buggies the decision is less clear. An open diff is not going to work in this scenario as you'll just be spinning one wheel, so we're only talking about limited slip or locker units vs no diff here.

LSD vs No Diff

Some Pro's

  • Reduces understeer for low speed handling on grippy surfaces like asphalt
  • Easier to manoeuvre your buggy in the pits or onto the trailer
  • If you're planning to hill climb your buggy or autocross it's a good option.

Some Con's

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