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We are in the process of making DXF files available for your Rorty Buggy or Tool project so you can take them to your local laser or water jet cutter and have the parts...Read more

Are you an established manufacturer and have a related product line and you’re looking to expand?

We are looking for a manufacturing partner to licence designs and...Read more

Rorty Wheels

The centres for these wheels are being machined at the moment!  We have all the other parts waiting for assembly.

Can't wait to see them in the flesh, then some...Read more

Rorty 4130 hub and brakes
Rorty 5205 hub and brakes

Hubs for the R16 Shotgun II, R11 Stiletto II and R21 Solo are now on sale and ready to ship.

These hubs are light and tough, CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade...Read more

We can get all ClubRorty members great discounts on many offroad and track products to suit their buggies or other racing machines.  We're not allowed to advertise...Read more

torque dyno comparison

Power and torque profiles of different engines show us how they might perform in our buggies.  Read on to find out how!Read more