Laser Cut Kits And Machined Parts Update!

I get a lot of enquiries about these kits and their availability so here is the latest.  We recommend you purchase and download the plans for the buggy you’re interested in before deciding on kits.  This will help you understand what they are all about and make the best decision.

Laser Cut Plate Kits

We have laser cut plate kits currently available for the R11, R16 and R21.  We are not currently looking to produce these kits for the R6 or R82s which are 100% DIY buggies.  The kits are cut to reflect the hub and brake package supplied in the plans and manuals (with a Tatum hub/brake option as well) or the new Wilwood open wheeler package and revised Rorty hubs.  Changing brake packages only changes one plate part on each front upright.  If you purchase the original design and change your mind in the future a simple adaptor will do the trick.

Plate parts are used in a variety of areas including suspension uprights, brackets and tabs, gussets and suspension mounts.  Once you have this kit and your tube the chassis can be completed.  The kits currently include all the plate parts required including jig tabs and suspensions jigs parts.  If you are looking to purchase the prefabricated suspension arms in the future you may wish to omit the jig parts to save shipping weight.

If you would like to purchase these kits now please enquire for options and a shipping quote.

We are looking for USA based cutters to reduce the costs of shipping to the USA – check back regularly for updates!

Machined Parts Kits

We have 80% of the machined components on the shelf ready to ship for the R11, R16 and R21, however, the complete kits are not yet available.  We are waiting on front stub axles and hi-mis spacers to arrive to complete the kits.  These kits are used in assembly of the buggy rather than fabrication and welding of the chassis.

These kits include the brass suspension jig bushes which can also be omitted to save shipping weight if you are looking to purchase the prefabricated suspension arms in the future.


Hubs are also machined in the 4 x 130 stud pattern (R21) and 5 x 205 stud pattern (R11, R16) to suit the new Wilwood brake packages.  Once brake parts, bearings and wheel studs arrive these will be ready to ship.  We are not planning on making the former hub designs as supplied in the plans and manuals to date.  The drawings for these parts are supplied so you can machine your own hubs if you wish to.

The most economical way to purchase kits will be to buy and ship them as one package.  We are working as fast as we can to make this possible!

So what do I need?

1)      Plans

2)      Plate kit

3)      Tube (either source your own or a pre-cut kit)

4)      Machined components and hubs

5)      Motor and off the shelf parts to complete your build.

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