Tube Kit Update!

To equip the Rorty Workshop we are purchasing a 4 axis CNC tube profiling machine from JGS Fab.  This machine is capable of plasma cutting round, square and rectangular tube from .75” to 4”.  It is also equipped with an engraving attachment that can mark tube with part numbers, ends, bend marks and joints.

This addition will allow us to produce tube kits for the R11, R16 and R21 buggies that are cut to length, notched (aka fishmouthed or profiled) marked with ends, joints and part numbers.  Once cut we will also bend the required bends for each kit.  What this means for you is a kit you can assemble with a flat surface and a welder rather than a notcher, bender and welder plus a lot of measuring and calculating.

As well as the main chassis kits we will be selling pre-fabricated suspension arms for these buggy models to reduce your cost associated with purchasing, shipping and fabricating jigs.  As the suspension arms are also specified in 4130 CrMo tube that requires TIG welding, prefabricated arms save the requirement to have anything other than a MIG welder in your shop.  Jig parts add a substantial amount to the shipping weight of the kits and are only used once.  Of course if you want to jig these up yourself we will still supply the laser cut and machined parts for these jigs.

There is some CAD preparation for each of the buggy models and a trial run to complete before the kits are ready for sale.  There will be special build manual additions to go with these kits.

As a package the tube kits, laser cut plate kits, prefabricated suspension arms and machined components kits will really cut down your build time, increase your accuracy and reduce the required equipment investment.  It’ll be the ultimate buggy in a box.

The shipment of raw materials, parts and equipment is scheduled to leave the USA in about two weeks and should be with us in 8-10 weeks.  We are working hard to bring these kits to you as soon as we can!

Need tube now?

We can supply you a package of tube to suit your buggy now!  Tube can be shipped from Rorty HQ (awaiting the US shipment) or drop shipped from our West Coast USA tube suppliers.  USA sourced tube is 1020 DOM and 4130 CrMo.  Unfortunately DOM and CRMo are not manufactured in Australia.  We are investigating other tube types for our Australian based builders.  Enquire for a quote!

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