Works Built – By Rorty

The next phase is on the way.  The parts are about to board the boat bound from the USA to Australia for 2 Factory built demonstrators – an R21 Solo and an R16 Shotgun II.

These two buggies will be built to the plans and decked out with some of the best gear around.  We want to showcase our designs and also the specifications for our fully built machines and ‘buggies in a box’ – the complete self-assembly kit that is coming soon.

We will also be building an R11 Stiletto Chassis and will be able to fit that out for demonstration purposes using the parts from the R16 Shotgun.  The fabrication and fit out for all three buggies will feature on our Builders VLOG to give you a first hand view of the process.

There is enough chassis tube coming to build a number of fully built chassis and suspension kits and these can be supplied pre-cut, notched, bent and welded too.  Prices are to be confirmed for these kits.  If you want to be sure contact us now to express your interest.

Our suppliers include: Latest Rage, McKenzies, Jegs, Wilwood, RPM, Motus, Whitehorse Industries and many others.

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