Rorty’s Other Project – The ZX12R SC Striker

This is a project that has been on the go for a number of years and I’m making a final push to get it finished before the end of the year.  It is designed to be road registered but its primary function is a hill climb and track day car.

Basic Specs:

Chassis – RAW Engineering Striker
Engine – ZX12R, dry sump, Muzzy trumpets, Opcon Autorotor 2076 supercharger, Laminova charge cooler, hacked factory ECU, electric water pump
Drive train – drive shaft through guilbo flex disc to Subaru R160 diff with Quaife ATB centre
Brakes – Wilwood 4 pot front with scalloped vented ultralite rotors, drilled solid rear rotors and Nissan calipers (with handbrake).
Tyres – 195/50R15 (old tyres on it at the moment)

To comply with emissions regulations (it is classed as a new car) it will need to be converted to run on liquid injection LPG (propane). It has a number of advantages including high octane (RON 112) which allows higher compression / boost combination with the supercharger and also some charge cooling (vaporises at -42 deg C). Liquid injection should allow use of the factory ECU for injector timing – its yet to be fully sorted and most LPG parts manufacturers are not interested in this type of project. We have found a manufacturer of small aluminium LPG tanks though which was a major hurdle. If you have experience or contacts let me know!

In theory it should make about 220kW and 220Nm (300hp) on about .7bar (10psi) boost. Target weight is 450kg (1000lbs) for a power to weight of about 670bhp/tonne.

The green and orange ones aren’t ours but give you an idea of what the finished product looks like.  The Green machine is RAW Engineering’s (UK) series winning race car.  The orange one is also a UK machine.  Both are bike powered.

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