Rorty-Wilwood Hub/Brake Package Update

We have redesigned the front brake package for the R16 Shotgun, the R11 Stiletto and the R21 Solo using Wilwood open wheel brake components and Rorty designed hubs with revised uprights.

The brake packages are based on the GP320 4 pot Wilwood calliper.  This calliper will be used for all front brakes in addition to the rear brake on all these buggy models.  The calliper is lightweight and powerful with a good pad area and a wide selection of pad types and easy parts availability.

The rotors vary with the buggies but are 10.5” dia super alloy in all cases.  The ultralight R21 utilises a scalloped and drilled solid rotor while the R11 and R16 use a scalloped and drilled vented rotor.  The rear brakes on all buggies will use the same scalloped and drilled vented rotor.  These rotors use an adaptor that allows fully floating (dynamic) mounting of the rotor and is a 3 bolt pattern where it attaches to the hub.

With these standardised components you can mix and match the rotors to suit your build and your budget with some simple spacers.  Check out for more detailed information on the brake packages.

Can I buy them?  We will be selling the Wilwood packages to suit all of these buggies as soon as they have been fitted and tested.  Components can be shipped direct from Wilwood USA or from us here in Oz depending on your location.  ClubRorty prices will be significantly better than Wilwood Retail.

Hubs?  We have designed new Rorty front hubs in the 2/205 and 4/130 stud patters to suit the R11/R16 and the R21 and they have been machined.  We are waiting on parts from the USA to fit and test and offer these for sale.

Laser cut uprights?  We have also re-designed the front upright calliper plate in the laser cut kits to suit these packages.  We are confident of fitment and you can order the laser cut plate kit now specifying the new brake and hub package.  We also have the calliper plates to suit the former packages available (as provide din the plans).  If you have cut your own to the old design and want to upgrade we can supply you the drawings for the new calliper plates now (one plate is all that changes).

Rear brakes?  We are yet to design fit and test the rear brake assembly to suit the RPM forward-neutral-reverse gearbox.  These are on their way from the USA and plans will be updated as soon as possible.

Plan updates?  While all the CAD work is done and the hubs have been machined, we haven’t had the chance to fully fit and test these packages while we wait on some Wilwood kits to arrive in our shipment from the USA.  The plans for these buggies still detail the former brake packages and hubs (Rorty / Tatum / Wilwood components).  These are fully functional and you can certainly build them.  We will be providing free plan updates to existing customers (no time limits) once the packages are tested.

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