Rorty – Powered By Motus

We couldn’t resist!  Two of the magnificent Motus MV4R power plants are on their way from the US of A.  Lee and Brian have been really helpful and are very keen to see their new V4 in our buggies.

These motors are built to be bullet proof and have a big fat torque curve, perfect for off-road racing buggies.  They don’t half sound bad either!  At 1650cc (100ci) they fit nicely at the top of their class here in Australia at least. 

We chose to use the Motus 6 speed gearbox with chain drive through to one of Dan Roberto’s tried and proven RPM forward-neutral-reverse boxes with a 3.9:1 final drive ratio.  With standard tyre packages it gives the buggies a gear limited top speed of 200-220 kph (125-135 mph).  We also chose a few extras from Motus to ease the installation process; like a programamble TFT instrument display, power control module, header flanges, fly by wire throttle sender and some others.  They come with the engine loom and a programmable ECU to help us get the most out of them with the custom intake and exhaust that will be required for buggy fitment.

These motors are built in the USA and were designed specifically to be easy to service with readily available parts like oil filters – perfect for all you USA girls and boys!

Our plan is to fit these two beauties into our demonstrator R21 Solo and R16 Shotgun buggies.  After that we want to see them on the starting line of the world famous Finke Desert Race.

Longer term we want the MV4R to be standard fitment for Rorty buggies with fully built buggies being supplied with these fitted and kits being set up for bolt in installation if a customer chooses to supply their own.  Of course we won’t ignore the ever popular Hayabusa and ZX14.  We just like being different!

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