Rorty Gears Up For Production

Rorty is gearing up for production of chassis at Rorty Works in Peachester Queensland.

We are planning to make ‘flat pack’ buggy kits and fully built chassis and suspension components for the R11, R16 and R21 buggies plus a few more. Builders are telling us they want their builds to be as quick and painless as possible and building from plans can take time, tools and effort that make it look less attractive for some potential customers. Currently to build from the plans you need a tube notcher, tube bender with dies, and a welder. While we sell plans so you can make your own tools, these bits of kit might only get used for this project and the dies for the bender can be a significant investment. Finding the right source of materials at the right price can also be a challenge when you’re building a one off.

We want to remove these challenges from the build process but still allow customers the satisfaction of fabricating it for themselves and also the option to customise their buggy along the way. The flat pack buggy seems like the ideal solution, but please let us know what you think!

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