Removing Stubborn Bearings From Engine Cases

In most instances, bearings will virtually fall out of a case if it is through-heated to around 175°-200°C [350°-400°F] in an oven (or carefully with an oxy torch).

Inevitably, you’ll come across one that refuses to budge and it’s usually the one that’s in a blind hole and can’t be pressed out! 

An implausible but incredibly effective method of removing a bearing from a blind hole is to pack the hole behind the bearing full of grease and then insert the shaft (or a dowel of similar diameter) into the hole.

You then give the shaft a couple of good whacks with a heavy mallet and the resulting hydraulic pressure from the grease will force the bearing out of the blind hole! 
Be sure to wear goggles as the grease can spurt out between the bearings in the races.

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