Great Prices on Wilwood and Off-Road Parts

We can get all ClubRorty members great discounts on many offroad and track products to suit their buggies or other racing machines.  We’re not allowed to advertise discounted prices but consider 15-20% off MRP a minimum!

Check out some of the suppliers we use including Wilwood, Latest Rage, Tubular Steel Inc, TW Metals, RPM Gearboxes, McKenzies, Motus, Earls, Tatum, King Shocks and Proshift.  If there’s an item you’d like get in touch and we’ll arrange a quote.  Most suppliers drop ship directly to you saving time and freight and you have access to wholesale suppliers like Latest Rage if you purchase through Rorty.  The suppliers tend to be USA based but we have access to some Australian suppliers too.

If you’re not sure on what parts you need we’re always here to help.  Happy Building!

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