Tube Bender #1

About the Tube Bender #1 Manual

The No. 1 Tube Bender is designed with the utmost simplicity of construction in mind. The stand and most of the other components can, in most instances, be made from common steel off-cuts found in the average workshop.  The tube bender can be quickly de-mounted and stored away when not in use.

No expensive hydraulic ram is required for operation, just a smattering of good old-fashioned grunt to pull the handle around!

Some hydraulic benders will only bend up to 90 degrees or in some instances 120 degrees. This tube bender will bend a full 180 degrees with ease.

Other benders rely on expensive aftermarket dies costing from US$120.00 to US$195.00. With these plans you make your own dies from a choice of engineering materials.

The tube bending dies necessitate being turned on a lathe, but even a wood lathe can be employed to make the dies if preferred. The only other tools required are a scriber or craft knife, a tape measure, a setsquare, an adjustable bevel, a hacksaw or cut-off saw, a pedestal or hand drill, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm drill bits, a welder, and an angle grinder or file for finishing.

More than just a collection of CAD drawings, this comprehensive PDF Manual consists of the following:

  • Twenty-nine pages.
  • Thirteen CAD drawings.
  • Eighteen polychrome 3D CAD images.
  • Full materials list.
  • Full fasteners list.

"Thanks for the efficient service. That's a nice document you do there."
M. L. - Adelaide, South Australia

"I just purchased your tube bender #1 plans a couple of days ago. Great looking set of seems to be dialed in just right for my needs and it has become one of the most valuable tools in the shop."
J. Henry, JMH Karts - USA

"The plans are very well drawn and very detailed instructions.."
T. Burns - USA

The Tube Bender #1 Manual guides you through each step of the construction process using plain-written instructions and highly detailed scale drawings. The drawings show dual dimensions to suit everyone; the metric measurement is given priority and is followed with the decimal inch measurement in brackets.

The simple and clear instructions lead you not only through the construction process, but also explain how to use your bender, how to read bending plans and how to calculate material requirements and measure bends.


Tube bending using DIY die sets.
Full DIY bender and dies from plans
The PDF manual contains detailed information, instruction, images and fully dimensioned CAD drawings

The No. 1 Tube Bender is ideally suited to anyone wanting to bend light precision tube for everyday projects, yet does not want the complexity or expense of a large commercial set-up. It is capable of bending light precision or mechanical tube of the most common sizes used in motorcycle frame and buggy chassis building.

$25 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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