R16 Shotgun II

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About the R16 Shotgun II

BE WARNED!  The Rorty R16 Shotgun II is not for the faint of heart. An R16 Shotgun fitted with a large 4 cylinder bike motor can punch out over 365 BHP per tonne, and can accelerate to 100 kph (62 MPH) in well under 4 seconds, with speeds over 200 kph (124 MPH)!

The R16 Shotgun II is one of the latest in the Rorty line-up of successful buggy designs used both in competition and recreational driving.

The main structure of the Shotgun’s chassis is constructed from 1.5″ DOM tube. This provides an immensely strong chassis and larger diameter tube also makes the Shotgun eligible to enter a variety of race series in the USA, Australia and other countries too.

The Shotgun boasts double A-arm front suspension and trailing arm rear suspension, with air shocks all-round to smooth the roughest rails and soak up the biggest landings. Drawings are supplied for left-hand drive configuration; however, it can be constructed in either left-hand or right-hand drive configurations simply by mirroring the relevant drawings. So you can keep your hands firmly on the wheel, the Shotgun has a mechanical gear shift paddle situated directly in front of the steering wheel which makes changing gear swift and positive. Drawings are also supplied for those wanting a more traditional shift lever.  


Seats : 
Build Options : 
Various kit options
Ideal Terrain : 
Desert Trail, CAMS Ready
Weight : 
500 kg
Power to weight : 
300 kW/t

“All the design features and safety of a full-size 2 seat buggy in a competition ready ultralite package, awesome!”

$195 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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