Don’t confuse this buggy construction manual with the backyard type buggy plans advertised in the motoring press and elsewhere on the net. This is not a jumped-up, off-road go-kart, or weekend recreational toy, but a full-on, single-seater racing machine with every aspect of performance, durability, and safety taken into consideration. The R6 utilizes proper engineering grade materials – not just bits of black pipe and old quad and car parts!



Seats: 2
Build Options: 100% DIY build chassis & suspension from plans
Weight*: 330 kg [726 lb]
Power To Weight*: 455 kW/tonne [554 hp/ton]
* Variable depending on choice of power plant, wheels, tyres and other customisable items





An awsome single seater suited to just about any type of track or trail and it’s 100% DIY.



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Product Type: Build Manual (A PDF document that includes CAD drawings (or ‘plans’) and text that explains how to build something.)


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Manuals, Kits & Parts Options

R6 Buggy Manual

One thing the manual and drawings are not short of is detail!

The manual and plans have been carefully produced to enable competent DIYers to construct a full-bore ultralite buggy for themselves by following highly detailed and easy to read drawings in conjunction with the construction kits available from Rorty.

More than just a collection of CAD drawings, this comprehensive manual puts bike-powered buggy racing within easy reach of every petrolhead!

The Manual and Plans come as a downloadeable PDF package for you to print to any size you choose.  By default the manual is US letter and the plans are US tabloid.

Included Free- Rorty Race Seat Plans – Rorty Tube Bender #1 Manual!

The manuals and plans
  • 65 pages of clear instructions
  • Supporting images and further colour illustrations throughout the text
  • Over 94 scale technical and working drawings
  • Chassis build table drawing
  • Tube marker drawing
  • Tabulated fastener lists
  • Tabulated materials lists
  • Tabulated parts lists
  • Build tips and hints for the beginner to advanced builder
  • Supplier information
  • PDF Package
  • Zip file for instant download

Print to your favourite paper size by choosing fit to page in your print options.

Full Specifications

Seats 2
Build Options 100% DIY build chassis & suspension from plans
Chassis Spaceframe, 31.8mm [1.25"] OD DOM steel tube
Engine Any chain or belt drive, motorbike or snowmobile engine
Power Capacity* 150 kW + [200hp +]
Front Suspension Double, unequal length A-arms, coil over or air shocks
Rear Suspension Double, unequal length A-arms, coil over or air shocks
Steering Shortened Suzuki Swift rack and pinion. 1/2 turn – 3/4 turn lock to lock
Front Brakes Kawasaki GPZ 250 Nissin (or similar) front callipers (left and right), with Ø210mm [8.25"] discs, or Wilwood BDS callipers with Ø254mm [10"] rotors
Rear Brakes Yamaha RZ 350 rear calliper, with Ø210mm [8.25"] rotor
Final Drive Cassette chain drive, no differential or F/N/R box
Front Wheels & Tyres* 25x7x12 on 12" x 6" rim or 195/65/R15 rally tyre or Mickey Thompson Minimag on 15" x 6" rim
Rear Wheels & Tyres* 25x10x12 on 12" x 8" rim or 195/65/R15 rally tyre or LT215/75/R15 on 15 x 6" rim
Ground Clearance* 308 mm [12.1"]
Front Travel 350 mm [13.8"]
Rear Travel 350 mm [13.8"]
Overall Height* 1445 mm [56.9"]
Overall Length* 2868 mm [112.9"]
Overall Width* 1640 mm [64.6"]
Driver Height 2 m [6'7"] (reduced roll cage height options)
Track 1472 mm [58"]
Wheelbase 2000 mm [78.7"]
Weight* 330 kg [726 lb]
Power To Weight* 455 kW/tonne [554 hp/ton]
* Variable depending on choice of power plant, wheels, tyres and other customisable items

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