R21 Solo

The R21 Solo equipped with the right powerplant can achieve 500 BHP per tonne and can accelerate to 100 kph (60 MPH) in well under 4 seconds, with speeds approaching 200 kph (125 MPH)!

The main structure of the Solo is constructed from 1.25″ DOM tube providing an ultralight and strong chassis. Double A-arm front and rear suspension with air shocks all-round will smooth the roughest trails and soak up the biggest landings.



Seats: 1
Build Options: Various build options available
Weight*: 360 kg [790lbs]
Power To Weight*: 420 KW/T
* Variable depending on choice of power plant, wheels, tyres and other customisable items





A single seater that can do it all. The R21 Solo is the essence of ultralite dirt buggy – light, nimble, fast and tough!



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Video Gallery: Check out the R21 Solo in action

Manuals, Kits & Parts Options

R21 Solo Build Manual

One thing the manual and drawings are not short of is detail!

The manual and plans have been carefully produced to enable competent DIYers to construct a full-bore ultralite buggy for themselves by following highly detailed and easy to read drawings in conjunction with the construction kits available from Rorty.

The minimum requirement for chassis and suspension construction is the manual and plans along with the R21 Solo Laser Cut Plate Kit.

The Manual and Plans come as a downloadeable PDF package for you to print to any size you choose.  By default the manual is US letter and the plans are US tabloid.

Included Free – Rorty Race Seat Manual and DXFs – Rorty Tube Bender #1 Manual!
The manuals and plans contain:
  • 172 pages of clear instructions
  • Supporting images and further colour illustrations throughout the text
  • Dual dimensioned technical and working drawings
  • Chassis build table drawing
  • Tube marker drawing
  • Tabulated fastener lists
  • Tabulated materials lists
  • Tabulated parts lists
  • Build tips and hints for the beginner to advanced builder
  • Supplier information
  • PDF Package
  • Zip file for instant download

Print to your favourite paper size by choosing fit to page in your print options.

R21 Solo Laser Cut Plate Kit

These kits are like a precision steel jig-saw!

The Rorty laser cut plate kits take advantage of the latest in manufacturing techniques and provide you with all the plate components you require to complete your buggy chassis, suspension arms and uprights and will save you a ton time and effort.

Items such as the front uprights, shrouds, hangers and mounts are designed to be self jigging, requiring only a rubber mallet (and possibly a file for de-burring) to assemble state of the art, highly accurate, lightweight components ready for welding.

Plates are precision laser cut and engraved with part numbers for ease of identification.  In addition to the parts required to build your buggy also included are the precision cut tabs required to construct the A-arm jigs detailed in the build manual.

Included in this kit:

Front Suspension

  • A-Arm Mounts
  • Lower A-Arm Shock Tube Braces
  • Lower A-Arm Braces
  • Front Upright Components to suit Rorty Hub and Wilwood Kit (sold separately)


  • Steering Rack Plate with Logo
  • Steering Column Components
  • Steering Wheel Flange
  • Shift Cable Keeper and Components

Pedal Hangers

  • Pedal Hanger Components
  • Cable and Spring Eyes and Arms
  • Pedal Arms and Stops

Shock Mounts

  • Front Shock Mount Components
  • Rear Shock Mount Components

Rear Suspension

  • A-Arm Mounts
  • Lower A-Arm Shock Mounts
  • Rear Upright Components

Mounts and Tabs

  • Bottom Steering Bearing Mount
  • Gussets
  • RPM Final Drive Mounts
  • Fixed and Loose Front Engine Mounts
  • Chain Tensioner Components
  • Crotch Strap Mount

Jig Tabs

  • Jig Tab .50 Inch
  • Jig Tab .75 Inch

Total 165 pieces

Kit Weight: 19 kg (42 lbs)

Worldwide Shipping

Final Price Subject to Quote due to Steel Price Fluctuations

R21 Solo Machined Components Kit

Precision CNC machined from the best quality materials

The Rorty machined components kit provides you with all the buggy specific machined components you require to complete your buggy chassis, suspension arms, and uprights plus other specialised parts like bearings, u-joints and selected hardware to save you searching.

In addition to the parts required to be fitted to your buggy, included are the machined bushes and spacers for you to construct the suspension arm jigs detailed in the build manual.

Your build manual details how all this fits together and what additional readily available off-the-shelf hardware or other parts might be required.

Due to the various options available, front hubs bearings and brake components are not part of this kit but are available separately.

Included in this kit:

Chassis Components

  • Nurf Bar Spuds (plain and scalloped)
  • Shift Lever Threaded Boss
  • Shift Lever Bushes and Crush Tubes

Steering Components

  • Steering Rack Extensions
  • Steering Column
  • Steering Shaft
  • Steering Column U-joints
  • Steering Column Bearings and Flanges
  • Tie Rods

Upright Components

  • Front Stub Axle Set
  • Front Stub Axle Nut Set
  • Rear Bearing Housings
  • Rear Wheel Bearings and Retainers
  • Rear Wheel Adaptors (4/130 stud)
  • Rear Wheel Hub Cap (to suit adaptor)
  • Rear Wheel Studs
  • Steering Arms

Driveline Components

  • Rear Micro Stub Axles (to suit 930CVs)
  • Rear Stub Axle Nuts and Washers
  • Rear Wheel Hubs

Suspension Components

  • A-Arm Ferrules
  • A-Arm Pivot Eyes
  • Hi-Mis 3/4″ to 1/2″ Spacers
  • Hi-Mis 5/8″ to 1/2” Spacers
  • Lower A-Arm Shock Mounts
  • Lower A-Arm Shock Tube Spacers
  • Delrin(R) A-Arm Pivot Bushes
  • Stainless Crush Tubes

Suspension Jig Components

  • A-Arm Jig Tab Spacers
  • A-Arm Jig Angle Post Spacers
  • Jig Weld Bushes (brass)

Total 105 Pieces

Kit Weight: TBA


(picture for demostration purposes only)

Full Specifications

Seats 1
Build Options Various build options available
Chassis Spaceframe, 31.8mm [1.25"] OD DOM steel tube
Engine Any chain or belt drive, motorbike or snowmobile engine
Power Capacity* 150 kW [200hp]+ depending on choice of power plant
Front Suspension Double, unequal length A-arms, air shocks
Rear Suspension Double, unequal length A-arms, air shocks
Steering Rack and pinion, 1.3 turns lock to lock.
Front Brakes Wilwood GP320 4 piston callipers with 10.50” x .16" SS super alloy rotor (Kit # 140-11773)
Rear Brakes Wilwood GP320 4 piston calliper with 10.50” x .81" SS super alloy rotor.
Final Drive RPM forward / neutral / reverse box or chain drive cassette, no differential
Front Wheels & Tyres* Mickey Thompson Minimag on 15" x 5.5" rims
Rear Wheels & Tyres* BFG Mud-Terrain T/A® KM2 215/75/R15 on 15" x 5.5" rims
Ground Clearance* 368 mm [14.5"]
Front Travel 420 mm [16.5"]
Rear Travel 350 mm [14"]
Overall Height* 1518 mm [60"]
Overall Length* 2845 mm [112"]
Overall Width* 1727 mm [68"]
Driver Height 2 m [6'7"] (reduced roll cage height options)
Track TBC
Wheelbase 1981 mm [78"]
Weight* 360 kg [790lbs]
Power To Weight* 420 KW/T
* Variable depending on choice of power plant, wheels, tyres and other customisable items

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