No.1 (Fixed) Tube Notcher

The Notcher is ideally suited to anyone wanting to accurately fabricate tubular structures such as gates, motorcycle frames, buggy chassis etc. The Notcher can be quickly mounted in a vice for occasional use with a hand drill, or attached to the table of a pedestal drill for more permanent use. The quality needle roller bearings specified will ensure concentricity and long life. No chattering and poorly cut fishmouths like the cheap bought tools!

The Notcher is designed with the utmost simplicity of construction in mind. In most instances, the main parts of the Notcher can be made from common steel off-cuts found in the average workshop. A lathe (or access to one) is necessary for boring the hole in the bearing block and turning the reduced shank and threads on the shaft.

The only other tools required are a scriber or craft knife, a tape measure, a compass, a protractor, a setsquare, an adjustable bevel, a centre punch, a jigsaw or bandsaw, a hacksaw or cut-off saw, a pedestal or hand drill, Ø8.5mm, Ø10.2mm, Ø10.5mm drill bits, M10 and M12 taps, a welder, and an angle grinder or file for finishing.

More than just a collection of CAD drawings, this comprehensive manual consists of the following:

  • Sixteen pages of instructions.
  • Ten 2D and 3D CAD drawings.
  • Full materials list.
  • Full fasteners list.





Suits: Notching tube (aka coping / fishmouthing)
Build: DIY from plans
Manual: The PDF manual contains detailed information, instruction, images and fully dimensioned CAD drawings



This Tube Notcher is capable of cutting fishmouths in tube and pipe ranging in diameters from Ø12.7mm (½”) to Ø50.08mm (2″) with any wall thickness. It will easily cut at any angle from 0° to 50°.



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Product Type: Build Manual (A PDF document that includes CAD drawings (or ‘plans’) and text that explains how to build something.)


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Full Specifications

Suits Notching tube (aka coping / fishmouthing)
Build DIY from plans
Manual The PDF manual contains detailed information, instruction, images and fully dimensioned CAD drawings
Tube Diameter Tube and pipe in diameters from Ø12.7mm (½") to Ø50.08mm (2")
Wall Thickness Any
Notch Angle 0° to 50°

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