Motus MV4R Crate Engine

1650cc (100ci), liquid-cooled, cast aluminum, pushrod, 90-degree Baby Block V4. Brand New, fully crated ready to ship.

  • Cam-in-block, with two overhead valves
  • Splayed lifters for maximum valvetrain stability
  • Aluminum cylinder heads with splayed & canted valves for maximum flow and combustion efficiency
  • Automotive-style low mass, low inertia roller rocker arms
  • Maintenance-free hydraulic roller lifters
  • 4340 forged steel I-beam connecting rods
  • Three-ring forged aluminum pistons with moly coating
  • Wet sump with integral pick-up, serviceable screen and magnetic drain plug
  • Four-bolt main bearing girdle for maximum strength and durability
  • Cast 4340 one-piece crank with automotive-style plain bearings
  • Gerotor oil pump, integrally cast internal water pump
  • CFD optimized, precision cast water jackets
  • Closed loop 250kBd multi-point fully sequential fuel injection
  • Ride-by-wire w/ electronic throttle control (ETC)
  • Cast individual runner manifold with four, 40mm contoured bore downdraft throttle bodies
  • 12 bolt bellhousing (9.5 – bolt circle) for easy application adaptation
  • Spare bosses for alternate accessory drives and motor mounts
  • 180hp (134kW)@7800rpm, 126ft lbs (171nm)@5000rpm

Also Includes:

  • R spec titanium intake valves
  • R Spec high lift cam
  • R Spec modified mapping
  • 6sp Motus Gearbox assembly (assembled on engine)
  • Starter assembly
  • Powder coated
  • Programmable LCD instrument display
  • Programmable ECU
  • Engine harness
  • Chassis harness
  • TMAP and exhaust O2 sensors
  • Gearbox output spline link for gear shifter adaption
  • Throttle position sensor for electronic throttle control
  • Power Distribution module
  • Exhaust and intake flange sets
  • Fully crated ready to ship

AUD $20,000 plus GST and freight.




Power: 180 bhp (135 kW)
Torque: 126 lb-ft (170 Nm)
Capacity: 1650cc
Layout: V4, liquid cooled




Brand new Motus 1650cc MV4R Crate Engine. Fully specified with all the extras to fit into your custom project.
Price: $20,000.00

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Product Type: Off-The-Shelf Part (Ready-made part.)

Additional information

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Full Specifications

Power 180 bhp (135 kW)
Torque 126 lb-ft (170 Nm)
Capacity 1650cc
Layout V4, liquid cooled
Engine 1650cc (100ci), liquid-cooled, cast aluminum, pushrod, 90-degree Baby Block V4. Wet weight approx. 100lbs
Gearbox - Wet weight: approx. 75 lbs. - Side access superbike-style wet multi-plate hydraulically actuated clutch. - Competition grade investment cast steel clutch basket. - Serviceable cassette-style gear cluster. - Gear Ratios: 2.07 1.53 1.21 1.00 0.87 0.76

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