About the Hammerhead Trike

Contrary to widespread notions, three wheelers of this configuration are actually very stable vehicles. They come in all shapes and sizes, varying from front-engined, front two-wheel drive, to rear engined, rear two-wheel drive, and everything in between. Relatively speaking, having the two wheels in front is the more stable configuration.

The Hammerhead trike is a contemporary design combining the "viper's nest" look of current tubular framed sports bikes and Suzuki's infamous TL1000 V-twin engine.

From the inception it was determined to use custom parts to break away from the second-hand-car-part type trikes with their inherent weight penalty. We wanted a practical, comfortable yet exciting looking trike to compliment the performance of the fuel injected V twin engine.

The trike can be completed with much of a donor bikes hardware, electrical and lighting or custom components as desired.

Intricately detailed plans of the Hammerhead trike are available for download. All materials and fasteners are specified in easy to read and understand drawings and pictures.



Engine/G'box : 
Suzuki TL1000 V-twin
Suspension : 
F: Double A-arm R: Double sided swing arm

Blurring the boundary between car and bike, the hammerhead is a very stable high performance machine!  This design is bare bones naked bike style allow you to custom build your ultimate trike on a superbly engineered chassis.

$60 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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