Why build at home...


Here at Rorty we’re all about helping you live the dream, but we understand that not everyone has a spare garage, a plethora of tools or years of fabrication experience at their disposal.  We believe we have found the ultimate solution!

Use our space

Don't convert the living room!  Rent space in one of our workshop locations and get your project underway.

Use our tools

Not a toolaholic?  Building a Rorty project isn't rocket surgery, but sometimes it’s just easier and faster with the right tools for the job.

Use our know-how

Got all the gear and no idea?  Building at a Rorty workshop means you can ask questions and get help anytime.  Hands on advice, nothing beats it!

More info about the Build@Rorty service

The Build@Rorty idea is new for Rorty and new to the DIY project scene.  Our aim is to get more people into projects.  It’s not complicated and the commitment can be as big or as small as you want it to be.  As it’s such a new service we are developing the offering in conjunction with our customers.

Tell us what you want, we’re listening!

Tackling a father / son (or mother, daughter, grandfather…) project is a great way to build skills and build a relationship, not to mention the great toy you end up with.  If you’ve always wanted to but didn’t think you could, now’s your chance!  We also support community groups and not-for-profit organisations.

Workshops Wanted

Want to be part of the Rorty Family?  We are looking for commercial and not-for-profit workshop spaces to partner with across the globe. Contact us to express your interest.

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Australian Workshops

Rorty Works

Peachester Qld 4519

Rorty Works on the Sunshine Coast has space for a number of customer projects.  If you are interested contact us.