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Before we get too entrenched in brake tech, just answer this: Which is the more powerful, the brakes or the engine? Well, in the case of a GSXR1000, it can do a standing...Read more

Motus MV4R

Choosing your engine is one of the most exciting parts about a DIY buggy project and often where the project...Read more

A DIY brake bias valve that you can maek for virtually nothing if you have access to a good scrap yard.Read more

torque dyno comparison

Power and torque profiles of different engines show us how they might perform in our buggies.  Read on to find out how!Read more

Coolant filler neck

The coolant requirements for you engine can be found in the operating manual for the bike from which the engine orginated.  Follow the mixing instruction from the coolant...Read more

A "fly brake", or hydraulic handbrake's purpose is to lock up, or at least brake loose, the rear wheels of an off-road car to assist in turning hard when there's not...Read more

Rorty suspension bush kit

Polyurethane can be tricky to turn in a lathe because it resists cutting and deforms away from the tooling. Turning it at a 2:1 diameter to length ratio (Ø50mm rod...Read more

Wheel dolly

Unless you also race in some high-end track events, or you have a friend who does, you’re unlikely to have a set of levelling pads and electronic scales. Perhaps you’ve...Read more

engine mounts

Make up plugs on the lathe to accurately fit the mounting holes in the engine's casings. The plugs should have a shoulder or flange to help locate them in the holes. The...Read more

Not a definitive guide to electrics, just a few basic pointers.

...Read more

In most instances, bearings will virtually fall out of a case if it is through-heated to around 175°-200°C [350°-400°F] in an oven (or carefully with an oxy torch).Read more

The first step in looking after your buggy is keeping it clean. We’ve all seen buggies turning up to race days covered in dirt and in the same condition as they left the...Read more

front hub

Although this creates extra work, it does reduce drag considerably. As the cars are so light, there is no detrimental effect on the life of the bearings.Read more

Opting for thicker wall tube in the hopes of gaining greater strength is rarely a worthwhile pursuit. Usually, the major rise seen is in the weight of the structure rather...Read more

wilwood clutch master cylinder

When using the stock bike slave cylinder with a Girling type master cylinder (normally Ø.625"), it is possible to push the pedal too far, causing damage to the clutch.Read more

Want to know how to measuring and re-making CV axles? Here's where to start...Read more


Sourcing a second hand motor for your Rorty buggy should be a fairly straightforward task, but there can be a few pit falls for the unwary. The object of this guide is to...Read more

Have you ever pulled an engine down or even just removed some of the side covers to renew the clutch and when it comes time to put it all back together, you pay a visit to...Read more

Everthing you need to know about CV joints and your buggy...Read more

Sand bending is not a practicable method of bending chassis tubes, as the constant heating and re-heating of the tube during the process would almost certainly lead to...Read more

Want to know what ratio 2 sproket sizes make?
We have the answer!Read more


A tube mitering program for Windows to print on any printer. This program deals in metric units.Read more

Defined as fast and non dog-damaging, and can be achieved by fully moving the dog ring as rapidly as possible from one gear to the next, preferably with the engine's...Read more

A simple chart of common AN and NPT thread and tube/pipe sizes.Read more

Aluminium racing wheels are designed to be both light and strong. Light enough to optimise steering and suspension response, and strong enough to withstand the rigours of...Read more

A table of hole (close and normal), counterbore, countersink and tapping drill sizes for socket head cap screws in both imperial and metric sizes.Read more

Want to know a little more about tubes and how to work with them? This is the place to start.

Why would you choose to work with round tube?Read more

There's lots of jargon when it comes to tube, but what do you really need to know?

Fact is your really don’t need to be so concerned with tube (not pipe!) material...Read more

If you’ve never raced off-road before, you’re in for a rude shock! The first time someone passes you, and you cop a face and chest full of wet mud, it will make you take...Read more

Absolutely! It's a pretty simple equation F = M x A Next time you're thinking about adding something to your buggy think about the weight and whether you really need it....Read more

There are several different schools of thought on exhaust design, but, because we employ high-revving road bike engines, we require an increase in mid range, and overall...Read more

Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em, most don't really understand them.  You'll probably notice that many of the Rorty buggies you see on build threads and on Rorty...Read more

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