US Based Distribution For Rorty

We have teamed up with one of our enthusiastic customers Joey Simao in Southern California for distribution of parts from a USA base.

Joey is a long time off road enthusiast and has lots of experience with off-road parts distribution. We are still setting things up but in the near future we will be holding a small stock of kits and parts in the USA for our North American customers. Joey will be investigating USA based production of laser cut kits and some of the other parts required to build Rorty racing machines. We will also be able to coordinate supply of parts like Wilwood brake parts and Latest Rage parts via Joey or drop shipped direct from the manufacturers.

Joey’s role will be a behind the scences one with all purchases and enquiries through He has plans to build a Rorty demonstrator to use and show – maybe even a new model we are working on for the whole family… details will be revealed!

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