Roll Bending Machine

This Roll Bender will bend long slow curves of varying Centre Line Radii in just about any section of ferrous and non-ferrous material with precision and relative ease.  Radii greater than 100mm and angles from zero to 360° (hoops and rings) can be achieved.

The round tube die drawings included in the plans are: 25.4mm (1”), 31.8mm (1 ¼”), 38.1mm (1 ½”), 44.45mm (1 ¾”) and 50.8mm (2”). There are also drawings for a multi-die set-up that will roll round bar of varying diameters, and flat bar (both the “easy way” and the “hard way”).

Many other sizes and sections can be accommodated by making additional dies. Handling angles and square section/tube are all possibilities with this model.

The Roll Bender is designed for simple construction and ease of use. The main parts of the bender table are made from common steel sections and the top is made from either steel or aluminium plate. The dies can be made from steel, aluminium, or acetal, depending on the amount of use envisaged.

A lathe (or access to one) is necessary for turning the dies and spacers etc. The only other tools required are a scriber or craft knife, a tape measure, a compass, a protractor, a setsquare, a centre punch, a jigsaw or bandsaw, a hacksaw or cut-off saw, a pedestal or hand drill, a welder, and an angle grinder or file for finishing.

More than just a collection of CAD drawings, this comprehensive manual consists of the following:

  • Forty Pages.
  • Fifteen CAD drawings.
  • Twenty polychrome 3D CAD images.
  • Full materials list.
  • Full fasteners list.


Bending long slow curves of varying radii in any section of ferrous and non-ferrous material
DIY from plans
The PDF manual contains detailed information, instruction, images and fully dimensioned CAD drawings

Typical uses:

  • Architectural fittings.
  • Curved roof sections of car roll cages.
  • Handrails.
  • Livestock equipment.
  • Ornamental ironwork.
  • Motorcycle frames.
  • Tubular furniture.
  • And of course buggies!
$30 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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