Ring Roller

By simply adjusting the height of the roller wheel, spacing the idler shafts and then cranking the handle, you can produce long slow bends and rings in plain steel or aluminium sections and bars.

The specified heavy duty self-aligning bearings will ensure smooth operation and long life.

The Ring Roller is ideally suited to anyone wanting to accurately fabricate parts or structures such as gates, horse floats, garden furniture, architectural fittings, etc. The ring roller can be easily mounted to the edge of a table or bench by bolting down through the feet.

The Ring Roller is designed with the utmost simplicity of construction and operation in mind. In most instances, the main parts of the ring roller can be made from common steel off-cuts found in the average workshop. A lathe (or access to one) is necessary for turning the roller wheel etc., but no milling is necessary to complete the machine.

The only other tools required are a scriber or craft knife, a tape measure, a setsquare, an adjustable bevel, a centre punch, a hacksaw or cut-off saw, a pedestal or hand drill, Ø6.8mm, Ø8.5mm, Ø12.5mm drill bits, M10 tap, a welder, and an angle grinder or file for finishing.

More than just a collection of CAD drawings, this comprehensive PDFManual consists of the following:

  • Twenty seven pages of instructions.
  • Fifteen CAD drawings.
  • Full materials list.
  • Full fasteners list.


Rolling RHS, square and rectangular bar
DIY from plans
The PDF manual contains detailed information, instruction, images and fully dimensioned CAD drawings

This Ring Roller is capable of rolling RHS (square tube) and other square and rectangular bar up to 75mm (3.0") wide. The maximum height of the gullet is 50mm (2.0").

$25 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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