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About the R6

Don't confuse this buggy construction manual with the backyard type buggy plans advertised in the motoring press and elsewhere on the net. This is not a jumped-up, off-road go-kart, or weekend recreational toy, but a full-on, single-seater racing machine with every aspect of performance, durability, and safety taken into consideration. The R6 utilizes proper engineering grade materials – not just bits of black pipe and old quad and car parts!


Seats : 
Build Options : 
100% DIY from plans
Ideal Terrain : 
Woodland Trail, Track/Stadium
Weight : 
330 kg
Power to weight : 
455 kW/t

"An awsome single seater suited to just about any type of track or trail and it's 100% DIY."

$140 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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