Paddle Shifter Manual

Rorty column mounted and paddle shifter
Paddle Shifter
Rorty column mounted and paddle shifter
Column Shroud
Rorty column mounted and paddle shifter

After a number of enquiries from motorcycle-engined buggy and car builders who wanted drawings of just the steering column and paddle shifter (as used in the R16 Shotgun and R11 Stiletto buggies), we are offering a short manual detailing the construction of these components.

The paddle is connected via a conventional push-pull cable to the gear selector lever on the engine/gearbox unit.

The Paddle Shifter Manual guides you through each step of the construction process using plain-written instructions and highly detailed scale drawings.  The end result is a compact steering column and paddle shifter that is adaptable to just about any vehicle with a motorcycle type engine and sequential gearbox.

The drawings show dual dimensions to suit everyone: The metric measurement is given priority and is followed with the decimal inch measurement in brackets. The instructions lead you not only through the construction process, but also the measurement, purchase and fitment of the push-pull cable.

Altogether there are seven technical drawings and nine pages of instructions containing a materials list, parts list, suppliers list and a further five polychrome images.


Any vehicles using a sequential shift gearbox with cable shift mechanism (can be adapted to hydraulic / air / electric shifters).
Full DIY. Laser cut parts available. Self assembly kit coming soon - please enquire

The ultimate addition to your motorcycle powered project!  The Rorty Steering Column and Paddle Shifter is situated directly in front of the steering wheel which puts swift, positive and effortless sequential gear changes at your fingertips.

$25 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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