Hinged Cassette Plans

Rorty Hinged Cassette
Rorty Hinged Cassette assembly

About the Hinged Cassette Plans

The Rorty Hinged Cassette plans were developed after a number of enquiries from motorcycle-engined buggy and car builders who did not want or need a reverse capable final drive unit.  The Hinged Cassette is lighter, simpler and cheaper than the RPM forward / neutral / reverse unit used in the R21 Solo, R16 Shotgun and R11 Stiletto buggies and can be substituted where reverse is not required.

The Hinged Cassette incorporates a threaded chain tensioner, brake rotor (Wilwood, 10.25" dia) and calliper mount (CNC, 2 piston) for an inboard rear axle braking system. A differential is not included as they provide little benefit in off-road racing on loose dirt surfaces where tyres are at or beyond the limit of adhesion.  They also prove to be complex, heavy and require a dual rotor braking system.  These factors go against the Superlite philosophy of Rorty buggies.

The Hinged Cassette Plans are comprised of detailed scale drawings and a bearing parts identification list for off-the shelf purchase of these items. The end result is a lightweight and reliable final drive that is adaptable to just about any vehicle with a motorcycle type engine and chain or belt drive.

The drawings show dual dimensions to suit everyone; the metric measurement is given priority and is followed with the decimal inch measurement in brackets.

Altogether there are nine technical drawings and one bearing parts list.

DXF files for the two side plates included!

This allows fast an accurate cutting at you local laser cutting shop.  Note: if you wish to change the braking set up, the side plates will need to be modified to accommodate.


Any vehicles running chain or belt drive motorcycle / snow mobile engines. Mounting to be adapted to suit application
Full DIY
Brake Calliper
CNC #632R, 3.25” mount hole spacing
Brake Rotor
Wilwood 160-3748, 10.25” dia, .35” thickness, 6 x 5.5” PCD mounting
6 x 5.5” PCD mounting, customisable to suit chain and gearing requirements

The perfect final drive assembly where reverse is not required.  The Rorty Hinged Cassette is designed to provide a strong and reliable final drive with a chain tensioning facility.

$35 AUD
+GST for AU buyers
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