Here's where you’ll find everything you need to get started selecting your Rorty Ultralite Buggy. The most awesome off-road buggies (aka minilites, desertlites, odyssyes, mini buggies...) on the planet!

Help and Support

Searched the site and still stuck?  Don’t hesitate, contact us and ask!

The most reliable way to get a hold of us is via . Allow us a day or so to get back to you as we are on the eastern coast of Australia , which is 14-18 hours ahead of the USA .

If you’re having difficulty reading the plans or can’t find a detail you need, scan the plan and highlight  what you’re after .  It’ll make sure our response is on the money.

If you’re mid-build and have a query, take a photo or draw a picture  and it to us.

 As they say, a picture  says a thousand words!

If you’re local to one of our workshop locations give them a call and drop in, they will be happy to help .

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