Choosing a Buggy

Why Choose a Rorty?

Rorty buggies come from a long line of successful buggy designs used both in competition and recreational driving.  Our buggies have been designed by Robert (Bob) Frost-Stevenson who has been building and racing buggies of one form or another for over 30 years.  Bob has put his years of experiencing designing all types of vehicles from professional off-road racers to black top racing cars into these designs.  Whilst he is no longer active in the business, we still have his ear should we ever need it (don’t worry, we left him with his other one). Don't just take our word for it, check out what some of our many satisfied customers have to say!

What type of buggy should I choose?

The million dollar question, well hopefully not quite!  In order to answer that question, let’s address a few more…

Who’s going to use the buggy?

  • Is the buggy for you, your son or daughter or perhaps both of you or you and a partner?
  • Are you planning to do mostly solo driving or do you prefer to drive with a friend?
  • Do your competition rules stipulate how many seats you have to have?

Answering these simple questions will help you decide whether you need a 2 seat or a single seat buggy.  Have a look at our buggy pages, and the buggy comparison chart to help you decide.

How are you going to use your buggy?

  • Do you plan on racing or just hooning around the back paddock?
  • Is your area mostly dry desert, sand dunes or muddy forest tracks?
  • Do you like to race around a track or on long open fast trails?

Whilst all the buggies will happily perform in any of these conditions some are slightly better suited to stadium type tracks and tight trails and others to fast open desert tracks and dunes. In general the smaller lighter single seaters such as the R6 and R21 are more nimble and better suited to tight trails whereas the larger two seaters with rear trailing arm suspension are better suited to desert racing.  The R11 is a single seater suited to desert racing with a very strong 1.5” tube chassis required by some racing regulations.

Have a look at our buggy pages, use the buggy selector tool and the buggy comparison chart to help you decide.

Of course if you’re just a poser, forget the tables of facts and figures and just pick the one that looks the coolest!

What are your Bulid Capabilities?

Do you love making absolutly everything or would you rather spend your hard earned to get what you want?  This is probably one of the most important ones to get right.  Building a buggy, whether its one of ours, someone elses, or one you design yourself, is no small undertaking.  We have the options:

Full DIY

The R6 and R82s are for the hard core DIYer.  These plan sets have details for you to build every component of your buggy and use more used donor parts from cars and bikes.  If you have a fully kitted out workshop and the skills, you can build a true race machine in 1 (R6) or 2 (R82s) seat form.

Kit Build

We are expanding our range of kits and the R11, R16 and R21 are offered with various kit options from laser cut steel plate kits to full machined component kits and eventually to the Buggy in a Box.  These kits are designed to save you hundreds of hours of manual labour and increase the quality of your build.  The laser-cut parts follow the latest manufacturing techniques and are self jigging, allowing for fast and accurate fabrication with only the benefit of a welder.

Build with us

If you’re short on time, tools or skills you can build your buggy at one of our Rorty Workshops - Build@Rorty

Fully Built

If you're into driving and not building and have the resources, why not get us to build your dream machine?

Which every way you go there will be a significant amount of time and money invested, so why not go with the best money can buy?  A Rorty of course!


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