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New Rorty Wheels

Rorty Wheels

The centres for these wheels are being machined at the moment!  We have all the other parts waiting for assembly.

Can't wait to see them in the flesh, then some polish and paint...

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Rorty 5/205 front hub

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JGS Tube Pro

To equip the Rorty Workshop we are purchasing a 4 axis CNC tube profiling machine from JGS Fab.  This machine is capable of plasma cutting round, square and rectangular...Read more

Finally!  Laser cut plate kits are available for the R11, R16 and R21.  These include all the precision cut plate parts for the buggies.

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Great news! Rorty is now a dealer for a number of the big brands that supply components for our buggies.

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Rorty is gearing up for production of chassis at Rorty Works in Peachester Queensland.

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