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Rorty hubs now on sale

Rorty 4130 hub and brakes
Rorty 5205 hub and brakes

Hubs for the R16 Shotgun II, R11 Stiletto II and R21 Solo are now on sale and ready to ship.

These hubs are light and tough, CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium and are designed to fit the VW Type II combo spindle and bearings as used on the range of Rorty Supalite Buggies and many other off-road buggies.

The hubs are machined to take a Wilwood super alloy 10.5" dia rotor with Wilwood adaptor and bolt kit and come in 2 stud patterns.  We can supply all the wilwood brake components too and Club Rorty members get a 20% plus discount!

The machined hub cap has a threaded oil plug with o-ring seal (plug included).

Check them out 5/205 hubs and 4/130 hubs.

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